MOTOREN  von  FETtec

FETtec 1303.6 - 5555KV


The first 1303.6 motors from FETtec are perfect for flying your quad in home and garden.

Perfect fit for 2 "- 3" frames.

These motors are great balanced with a low weight of under 7g and a great optical design.

Light, powerful and supple. These motors stand for high flexibility and speed.

The hollow steel shafts ensure less weight and very good heat dissipation.



5555 KV


2 - 4s



Weight: 6,4g

Stator 13 x 3,6mm

Shaft 1,5mm (2mm inside)

Diameter 17,6mm

Height 10,8mm


15,50 €

  • sry - sold out! :( but back in stock soon ;)