T-Motor F15 1106 6000kv




KV: 6000kv

Konfiguration: 9N12P

Welle: 1,5mm (5mm M2 Lochkreis)

Abmessungen: Φ14,4×13,3mm

Gewicht: 7g (ohne Kabel) / 7,9g (mit Kabel)

Zellenzahl: 2S-3S Lipo

Max Watt (180 Sekunden Dauer): 145W

Max Ampere (180 Sekunden Dauer): 12,2A


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T-Motor F60 Pro III 1750 KV - red/black (1 Stk.)


Technische Daten:

KV: 1750

Configuration: 12N14P

Shaft Diameter: 4mm

Motor Dimension (Dia.*Len): 27,5×33mm

Weight (g): 31.3g (Excluding Cable)

ldle current(10)@10v(A): 1.0A

No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-6S

Cable length: 150mm



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T-Motor MCK 2207 - 2500KV (1 Stk.)


Made in collaboration with one of the fastest FPV pilots in the world,

MinChan Kim, the MCK Motor from T-Motor is a 2207 size racing motor

The 2207 size gives great power

The 2500kv gives you a screaming 4-5s build

Insanely smooth and extremely durable

the MCK Motor is a racing motor aiming to be the best.



KV: 2500

Configuration: 12N14P

Diameter of shaft: 4mm


Dimensions of the motor: 27.5x33mm

Weight (g): 31 g

Number of cells (Lipo): 4-6S

Cable length: 150mm



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T-Motor BMS Racing Raptor - 2000KV (1 Stk.)


Developed in collaboration with Thomas Bitmatta (BMSWEB)

the BMS Racing Raptor series by T-Motor

was made to the highest standards of FPV racing.

2306.5 @ 2000KV  ---> perfect fit for 5S+6S racing!



1 Stk. Motor


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